Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Competition!

365-007, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

This is a special murder mystery edition of the 365 project for me - I went round to see the lovely Moog, who now has the sister photo to this one. We do like our dressing up games.

We've got a challenge for you all, though - in my photo and in his, there's a murder mystery scenario going on - what we'd like you to do is to write out the story of what you think happened here, using the clues in both photos as a springboard for your creativity.

We'll pick the best one when we've had a few in and we're even offering a prize! The best Murder... Lee Wrote. story will win a custom When Pigeons Weep piece of artwork, framed and posted to you! That's how much we love you all.

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