Monday, May 12, 2008

Everything Changes.

Dover, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

So, on Friday, three things happened:

1: The GP told me I have many things wrong with my hands and that I should consider stopping interpreting if I can.

2: I found out I can't do the interpreting course I'd said I would do so I've always have interpreting as a back-up career.

3: I was assured I can get more lecturing and workshop leading work based on what I've done so far.

I think that it might have been a sign.

I still went to work on Saturday, only to find out I really have traded jazz-hands for spaz-hands and I couldn't pick up scissors by the end of the session, let alone use them. Luckily, a glass of wine and a handful of chocolates seemed to pick me up enough in time for my evening working with Timothy Winchester on his Smutty Puppet Peep Show that he was commissioned to do for a rather fancy party. He's brilliant, it was a real honour to be under a table with him nudging my knees while we pretend to have puppet sex for a baffled public.

I don't understand how RSI works if I can sort of manage that (albeit with lots of breaks and help from Mr Winchester), but interpreting hurts. I came home to talk to Jonotron and we came to the conclusion that enough is enough and that I really can't keep on doing this kind of thing to myself and that if I've wanted to make this change for so long, I should do it before my hands force my hand.

So, we spent today in Dover with Robin, Grief and Jamie. Not for a leap off the White Cliffs because of the end of my career as an interpreter, but to see the South Foreland Lighthouse and learn about lenses and light. Warnings of danger ahead seem to be a theme for the weekend. We threw stones into the channel for a while and didn't mention interpreting at all, apart from whenever I needed a bit of help because of my rubbish hands. Jonotron and I kind of made the decision I've been needing to make for a while.

So, back from the precipice and waving goodbye to a chapter of my life I didn't expect to see close so abruptly or so quietly. I've already talked to one friend who I work with and she told me off for not quitting sooner and I'd imagine that no-one's going to turn around and tell me off for this when really I should have done this a while ago.

I'm not an interpreter any more.

It's quite scary to see it written like that, but it's the right move. I'd best press send on this 'cause the ibuprofen's fading away and I should be resting my hands, but I wanted to see it written down for myself. I've got a few people to contact tomorrow, I guess, but that's tomorrow.

Hey. If you know of any jobs I could do, you'll keep me posted, yes?


A bit more on the smutty puppet peep show.

The lighthouse in Dover we visited.


Robin said...

Stop bloody typing!

Ahem. I am sure you have real-life hugs a-plenty, but I want to offer you more, should you wish them at any point.

Just because it's the right thing to do doesn't make it less difficult.

Chris said...

Wow! That seems sudden, but presumably has been building up for a while; is this a common problem for Interpreters, or are you specially spazzy?

At least you've got that handily-timed alternative. Phew!

The Pirate King said...


I'm not typing and putting the same with speech recognition software. That's why did nothing and St. seems to make any sense, but that's it will once an entity in a few more tutorials.


It is a common problem among most interpreters to get repetitive strain injuries but I think they didn't help myself by doing lots of Craft activities. as you say, it's a well timed alternative to have the other job starting so in. Despite being a little bit frightened, I'm quite looking forward to it.

Knit Nurse said...

OUch, sorry to hear about that. I have had problems with RSI for a couple of years now, due to a combination of work (mostly), knitting (increasingly) and odd things like cycling (gripping onto handlebars makes it worse when it is bad). However, I have found proper deep tissue massage/sports massage makes a huge difference, it might be worth a try although unfortunately it's not cheap...

davedave said...

sorry to hear it monsieur roi des pirates.

would have loved to have seen you at it, but the best is for the best.

can you keep on knitting though?

Alison said...

Sorry to read you're leaving interpreting. :( We need cool terps who blog.

Methinks the knitting is to blame!

On a serious note, as someone who has RSI .... I know how painful it can be. For me, interesting that stress plays a part. Perhaps something to do with muscles being tense? That, and of course way too much typing.

Hope you feel better soon, and good luck with whatever next. Will of course keep following your blog.

The Pirate King said...

Definitely. The stress element seems to be the main factor. Having had a few days to get my head around the idea of changing careers, I'm realising how much tension I was carrying around. Not because I disliked the people I worked with or the work that I was doing, just that it was quite intense on the hands.

I LOVE YOU said...
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