Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Feel Funny...

Zombie Howard, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

Poor Labour. They seem to be fucking up at every turn at the moment. Cannabis is being made more criminalised again, despite every bit of advice they're getting saying that it really doesn't compare in terms of harm to other Class B drugs. Meanwhile, on the other side, our floppy-haired mayor has said he won't allow people to drink alcohol on public transport as part of his clamp down on petty crime. Clearly, stopping people from having a can of Pimms on the tube will end violent crime and I'm sure the thousands of innocent people who have a snifter on the way to their night out sometimes won't mind at all.

Ah well. The pictures of Jonotron, Lloyd and me as the undead have makeup courtesy of the wonderful Paul Vale. Apparently one of the people involved in Shame doesn't see how having a sex venue where you get turned into a shuffling, flesh-craving zombie is a comment on contemporary masculinity. Meh. I'm sure we'll work around that soon enough!

Anyway! Speaking of sex venues, I'm meeting Peter in a little bit to try to help him with his sexy sock puppet show that he's doing in a lapdancing club. It's very exciting and a little bit saucy.

Hmm, I've got nothing art-tastic coming up very soon. I should really have a look into trying to get my work exhibited somewhere again. I suspect what I'll need to do is start going along to lots of East End private views to try to get my face seen a little bit and hand out lots of my little postcards.

Meh, and here was me thinking that someone would just turn up and I'd get it all handed to me on a plate!

Let's think what else is entertaining that you might want to know about...

Hmm, swimming at the Oasis is a grand way to spend an afternoon when the weather's nice. Well, lounging about on the sun deck and occasionally getting into the pool.

I just slebspotted Morgan Spurlock or whatever his name is. I guess he's talking to people about his love affair with Osama Bin Laden.

I handed in my brain for the Hyperbolic Reef Crochet Project - they asked for a description of my contribution, so I put "Ugly blue brain thing" and they nodded. I may need to wait a while before declaring myself a famous textile artist.

Did I mention I've got my first tour at the national gallery in a couple of weeks? Taking kids around to talk about Greek Myths. I'm very nervous indeed.

Other than that? I really need to pull my finger out and book the whole getting married thing. Any tips?

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