Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not At All Patronising.

Do you keep your Deaf Card with you at all times, just in case a police officer needs to communicate with you? If not, you may be breaking the law.


Anonymous said...


I don't even have one of those. Somewhere I have a yellowed one with burgundy symbols from Hearing Concern and I used to have one with comedy stick men running out of burning houses....

barakta who's forgotten her blogger password

Alison said...

WTF did you get that from?

The Pirate King said...

"Are you Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing and would like to speak to someone in relation to police issues?

"If so, please contact Westminster Deaflink Officers on the following numbers:

Voicemail 02072300793
Minicom 02072300794
Fax 02072300795
SMS Text 07990672801

"Non Emergency/Not 24 Hour

"Metropolitan Police: Working together for a safer London."

I found it in a leaflet rack in a bar and just simply had to share it with you.

Alison said...

What happens if you don't keep the card with you @ all times? Do you get thrown inside?

Sounds like something out of 'The Lives of Others'.

The Pirate King said...

I assume that you then have to somehow work out a way of letting the policeman know that you sign, lipread or write things down. Perhaps, you know, you'd sign something at them, lipread them then answer in spoken English or, maybe, write it down?

Maybe it's so they know how to communicate with you when you recover from sudden illness or a shooting or drunkenness?

Or, wave it at them when they try to arrest you, so they can't read you your rights? I've no idea.

Tom said...

Nice, the police have got us with a ring through the ear!

They didn't include the option for SPEAK SLOOWWWLY.