Friday, May 30, 2008

One Tiny Badger and Me.

365-012: Badger and Me., originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

Robin made a little fimo statuette of Badger and I have to say I'm really impressed. If Badger ever makes it to given the mainstream, then I nominate Robin as our toy designer-in-chief!

An update on the hands:

I went to the GP on Wednesday to ask for a sick note so I can claim incapacity benefit and to ask for a referral for physio. Unfortunately, I got the one GP at Hilly Fields Medical Centre with whom I really don't connect. You know, the type whose presence makes you feel like you're inconveniencing him by being unwell or for saying you need something. He didn't ask anything about how I've been feeling or anything fluffy like that, just tutted when I said I'd been having acupuncture for it.

So, in a grumpy funk I left with a sick note that I'd asked to cover me since I've been off work - about three weeks. He signed me off since Monday, putting me out of action for the next three weeks. I'm not going to gripe about it, it's not really important, but it annoyed me a lot at the time.

I dropped my referral letter off at Lewisham Hospital and they told me to come back the following day for an initial five-minute assessment. I took Jonotron with me, just in case they were as hard to connect with as my GP, but the guy I saw was much nicer, even if his response to me saying that I can't cook my own dinner at the moment was to laugh. It seems I've got a habit of making things sound funny when, really, they might not be. Oh, well!

Still, he did a quick diagnostic and is sure the problem lies not in my hands, but my neck. He's said I'll get the appointment letter through in a few weeks - the waiting list is currently about ten weeks, but in the meantime I've got some neck exercises I'm to do once an hour. Apparently I've been slouching into some kind of porn-star monkey slump through my working life and while it's great for making it look like I've got beefy pecs and a slim tummy, it's not without its cost!

Not that I can really see how I could work at the moment around all the appointments I've got coming up in the next couple of weeks. Next week, I have to have steroid injections into my arms, two acupuncture sessions and a chat with a psychologist just so I can make sure I am not turning into jelly.

Exciting stuff, eh?

Ah well. I'm off to find coffee and to do yet more neck stretches.


davedave said...

it's in your neck? wha? this whole interp thing is killing me! i guess i can take solace in that my name sign isn't throwing my head back on itself... talk about 'painful' introductions...

here's to you getting better guy.


Scott K said...

Oh Howard, hope you get some sort of sortedness soon - happy vibes.

Meanwhile, you may be tickled to know that the two Google ads for this post are for Sarah Beeny's Dating site, and recruiting for MI6/SIS (especially for Pakistan speakers)...

So perhaps a new career as a spy who loved Pakistani badgers beckons?