Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tiny Owl

Tiny Owl, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

Turns out that tubigrip emo-gauntlets were what I was needing to restore a little bit of functionality to my hands. I might even have to dye them black simply to celebrate this. I look like Wonder Woman. Well, if Womder Woman self-harmed. Anyway - this is a promising sign that I am, in fact, starting to get better!

After a stir-crazy week, Jonotron did a good job of keeping me busy yesterday. We went to Nunhead Cemetary's Open Day (photos, mostly of birds, on Flickr) and had a very pleasant stroll among the dead in the fine, misty rain. I found an angel with no hands and decided that she would watch over me and all those who cannot make proper use of their hands.

It was another one of those moments where I'm surprised at the wonderful things in the area where I live. Apart from all the villagers who suddenly appear whenever anything quintessentially English is happening, all waterproofs and twee delight at everything, there's the fact of just how green it all is, with viewpoints where you get to look out over South London and all you see is trees, punctuated by the occasional building.

Of course, that all changed when I had to pick Jonotron up in Clapton in the afternoon from a hypnotherapy client. Lovely, soothing Ken on the TomTom told me it would take half an hour. I allowed an hour and just made it in time. After that, we drove out to Windsor for the civil partnership reception of two adorable friends of mine. It took forever because of some kind of football event that meant everyone had to wear blue and grunt out of the window.

My friends have got an utterly beautiful home, set back in the countryside along a winding track. Wood-insulated and draped with gentle lighting. Their two burly dogs trotted up to escort us into the house. It was lovely - not just to be out of the traffic, to be out of the city and somewhere where the sky was actually dark, but to see them, all happy-coupled up, surrounded by friends - many of whom were desperately familiar, some were desperately intoxicated - and happy.

We drove home later than we'd expected, talking all the way home about how it's going to be our turn next year.

Anyway. Cute owl, eh?


Sir Wobin said...

Ooh congrats! When next year? :-)

The Pirate King said...

March! Very excited.