Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When the Body Speaks

Bronchioles in Dover, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

...the computers listen.

Am starting to get my head around the idea of not interpreting, but can still struggling with using the voice recognition software. It still doesn't quite understand me, so I'll have to go back through and edit this to correct the mistakes it's bound to have made. However, it's much easier on my hands.

It looks as so I will have another exhibition in July, which is very exciting and gives me something to look forward to. Not that I'm lacking in things to look forward to, just that it justifies me calling myself an artist, since I'm not sure I can call myself an interpreter any more.

I don't want to blame the repetitive strain injury for the decision that I've made; it's something that I wanted to do for awhile, so I'm really not justified in complaining. Then, however, don't see the GP tomorrow to see if there's anything I continued can do to help my hands get better more quickly. After all, I wouldn't be too much of an artist if I could not paint or draw.

Jonathan found a piece of software that lets us scan the bar codes of DVDs, so we scanned the bar codes of all the DVDs we don't think we need anymore. They will go on amazon unless someone else says they want them. Clearly, this is the best approach unemployment!

The shameful list is here.

Anyway, too much computer. I should go and make dinner like a good housewife!


Cazz said...

Oooh! Chick flicks! Dibs on Bring it On, Clueless and Miss Congeniality.

Only if they have sub's obv.

Now I have a reason to come visit you, eh?

czechOUT said...

If you don't correct the VRS it will go from bad to worse. As tiresome as it is, you must correct it.

As to the RSI I sympathise. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Whilst it wears off as the day goes on, it's still a struggle.

My wrists and knuckles hurt heaps, but not as bad as my ankles, toes and foot arch. Sometimes it gets my knees. When I get up in the morning I feel like a 60 year old.

Whilst not seasonal, it can calm down for months, so at least it's not constant during those periods of respite.


ps when I heard about the Adipose knitting pattern on R4 this morning I thought it might be you in hot water!

retrogooseuk said...

Oooh, how much for kissing jesican stein and ghostbusters?!
Retrogooseuk x