Monday, May 26, 2008

When Pigeons Weep

Modern Manners, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

It looks like I've got an exhibition coming up in July at the Greenwich Picture House. I think this is the perfect excuse for me to spend far too much time watching films with a little pack of post-its on my knee.

I'm getting used to not being quite so frantic now; it's actually quite good. The painkillers are having weird side-effects, though, so I'm hoping I won't be on them for much longer. Means I've got more time to do creative stuff, which was what this was all about anyway.

So, go and look:

When Pigeons Weep
My 365, including a murder mystery!

Other than that, have a lovely Bank Holiday in the rain. Normal ranting will return tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

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Recently the Daily Mail ran an article about the "cult of emo" and how such music promotes suicide, in response the so-called "emos" have decided to protest. Now I'm fine with the protest itself, everyone has a right to peaceably express their opinion, but this protest shows all the signs of going bad! First, it's made up of hormone-ravaged teens, but look at this website, the official one for the protest on May 31st:

If you read carefully and watch the videos you can clearly see that this website is promoting suicide and self-harm! I found this out from watching my son browse this website, he is now banned from listening to this kind of music and he will definitely not be attending this protest but I'm still concerned for other children. The protest is only this weekend so I've decided to turn to blogs to spread the message. Please, watch these videos and tell everyone you know who could be affected! We can't let these poor kids slaughter themselves senselessly at this protest!

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