Sunday, June 15, 2008

About Howard

It's a bit of a new start for me, so I figured it's about time I update this page. Until recently, I was a sign language interpreter, working with lots of lovely people at media places (like the BBC, Channel 4 and indies) and at art galleries to interpret for talks and tours (I worked for the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The Wallace Collection, The Wellcome Collection among others) and enjoyed it until my hands and arms got all swollen and sore and now I've got to find other fabulous things to be doing with my time to try to make ends meet.

Over the last couple of years, I've done some artistic photography and I've had pictures up on the walls at The Castle in Battersea, McKinsey & Co. in Piccadilly and the Novas Gallery in Camden. I've also done the photography for PiE&MASH, a club night in Vauxhall and I've organised and curated Brockzilla, a participatory art project in Brockley at the Broca café. I've written bits and pieces for publication in Smoke: A London Peculiar and Positive Nation and odds and sods elsewhere. I'm training to be a lecturer at the National Gallery and am doing some work with Tate Modern along similar lines. Last year, the Arts Council gave me a research grant to spend on time with male escorts, which I happily did. I've got a story about a vile flatshare that I put on here as a weekly soap - Who Needs Any Knees?

I've got an installation coming up as a part of Shame, organised by Duckie, on July the 5th at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle. I draw cartoons for When Pigeons Weep, which I also produce in small-press comic form every few months. I'm also writing a comic book, Badger, which tells the story of a lonely badger wandering around London. I started this very blog a few years back. Its name comes from a vague hope that we might find some brains out in the internet one day and a nagging sense we never will.

I live with Jonotron, my fiancé. I'm sploshed all over with tattoos. I'm a blogger. I'm a geek. I've got a potty mouth. I get angry about things I can't change. I change things that perhaps I shouldn't. I knit. I believe in the power of faith. I have piercings. I've travelled all over the world and I have fallen in love with Brockley. I get called The Pirate King by people I've never met and I love it. I need some new shoes.

Hello, I'm Howard. Thank you for visiting.

Welcome to the Coterie.


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Hi Howard
Love the blog.
You've got a link to DISCODAMAGED which does work, but the proper URL is, I wonder if you could change it please?
George, Editor DD