Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beneficially Trapped

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So. I had the injections done and my GP was lovely about it all, but he did explain the timescale for recovery from this kind of injury. Apparently it'll be six months before I can expect to return to something approaching normal functionality. Given that, apparently, I'm not eligible for housing benefit and I might not be able to get Disability Living Allowance, I'm kind of shocked that the assumption is that I'll be able to survive entirely on £65 a week Incapacity Benefit (for which they've yet to acknowledge my claim). Six months on £65 a week with no help paying rent or anything other than relying on Jonathan's (low) income? It's slightly ridiculous. Soon, I'll have spent all the money I'd had to keep aside for my tax bill and I face a prospect of bankruptcy when the tax bill comes due in January, whether or not I've been able to get back on my feet - or hands - by then, which also then means Jonathan's financial record will look shabby the moment we're married.

Let's hope I can find some kind of miraculous way of getting through this, eh? Otherwise I've got to go back to working, which will definitely wreck my hands for good. It kinda sucks. I just hope Jonathan doesn't get too hacked off with me having to live off him, because what other options are there?

Add to that the joy of the Disability Living Allowance forms being UTTERLY inaccessible to me because they only supply them digitally as an uneditable PDF or via an online form that doesn't work with speech recognition and lost my login after I'd spent two hours filling it in and generally, I'm not feeling much welfare coming from the state at the moment.

Hm. I'm sure something will work out. Fuck knows how, though.


jen said...

That's crap. I don't have any bright ideas... I just wanted to say it is CRAP. But you knew that already. Can't you go somewhere in person and dictate the form to someone who does the writing part for you?

Anonymous said...

I had to ask a friend who had done this recently.

How come you can't get housing benefit? Jonotron earning too much?

I wouldn't tell them I was one of a couple. They don't check same sex couples!

You also want a copy of the welfare benefits and tax credits handbook from CPAG if you're likely to be doing benefits crap for any time. That is the book that explains all the criteria for this sort of stuff.

The Pirate King said...

The thing that makes me laugh is that even if I got lots of benefits, I'd still be better off doing one day a week interpreting. It might wreck my hands, but I wouldn't have to be putting myself through all this shit with the welfare stuff.

Ultimately, I just need to find another way of making money. What, though, eludes me so far.

call paul said...

This all sounds absolutely terrible. I can't imagine how you must feel, but it has to be a little soul destroying that a person of your talents should be stuck for something to do. I shall put my thinking cap on. You should have entered BB! You so would have won. xxx

Cazz said...

I've got a couple of free days/evenings if you need someone to paper-push for you. xx

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