Friday, June 13, 2008

Catch Up With Badger; Catch Up With Me

It's been a bit of a mental week for me. I had physio on Monday and spent my time explaining what's wrong with me, then being in pain because of having to test out what hurt when. Tuesday was psychologist, explaining what's wrong with me and testing out what hurts when. Wednesday was acupuncture which just hurt. So, by Thursday when I was meant to have another cortisone injection, I said I'd had enough of it and went without and cancelled acupuncture for today. I'm glad. There's only so long even someone as self-absorbed as a blogger can spend talking about their problems.

Still heard nothing back from the Incapacity Benefit people, and certainly not received any money from them, so I'm slightly baffled as to what exactly I'm meant to do. Now my hands are a little better, I can probably manage odds and sods of work, but not a great deal. Even that's more than I'd be getting on benefits, so I have to decide to work and risk fucking my hands up again or to not work and try to carve out a new career that fits in with the limitations I now seem to have. Both options suck, unless the new career is making gagillions of moneys out of my art. Which clearly is going to happen.

Birthday weekend. Rah!


fudgefactorfive said...

It's my birthday weekend too. 36, for fuck's sake! Enjoy.

I typed out three different posts of advice about RSI but they all came across as trite, obvious and patronising so in a rare fit of self-control I deleted them.

Best wishes

Robin said...
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Robin said...

(made an irritating typo before)

Oh! I don't know why I didn't remember this sooner.

If the DWP has all the info they need, and the claim is just "in the process" of being sorted, you can apply for an interim payment.

If they don't have all the info they need, you can apply for a crisis loan.

Be aware that a crisis loan is a pitifully small amount - it really is only just enough to buy food and nothing else.

I've never qualified for an interim payment, so I don't know how that works.

For either though I think you need to call the Jobcentre.