Thursday, June 05, 2008

Catch Up With Badger and Help Save My Dignity

No, this isn't an autobiography, honest. I've been posting these over on Flickr, but thought I should share them with you lot, too, my beautiful coterie. I'll post five of these once a week (although more often while I get you up to date with the Flickr lot) so you can keep up to date with little Badger's adventures.

Since I'm destitute, this might be a good moment to remind you that I do also sell my drawings and prints and can also do custom artwork. Go and re-familiarise yourselves with When Pigeons Weep and let me know if you want a comic book collection of the pictures or an original piece of framed artwork.

Comic books are £1.50 each or two for £2.50 there are two volumes, you see?
Small (3"x3") pictures are £20 framed and they look lovely!
Larger (a4ish) pictures are £35 framed and they look lovely and impressive!
Postcards are £4 for five and will make your friends happy!
When Pigeons Weep stickers are £1 for a sheet of six, lucky dip stylee!

I'm sure we can work out something sensible for postage or for bulk orders and the like. I'm still hoping that some lovely publisher somewhere will want to do something with all these, but in the meantime, it'd be great if you could help me out by buying stuff or by helping to market all this stuff. Mention Badger or When Pigeons Weep on Facebook or over a cup of tea with your friends, list it on stumbled.upon or b3ta or all sorts of other little websites like those. Just think, you could be my big break and I'd be in your debt forever and I'd send you lots of love.

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