Sunday, June 01, 2008

Parks, Castles, Nightclubs and Camberwell

Badger, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

It's been a good weekend. Exactly what I've been needing. Thursday afternoon was spent mooching around in Greenwich with Robin and Jonotron and Grief, failing to see a show about black holes because we got the times wrong. This seems sort of apt, really. Erik arrived in the evening and we sat up late catching up.

Friday, he and I went out to Leeds Castle and romped around cooing at how very English it all was. We met clever parrots, we beat the maze, we watched a falconry display with a bisexual eagle owl and we sighed that jousting wasn't nearly as bloody a spectacle as we'd hoped. Still, it got our bloodlust up ready for a night on the town. Poor Comptons just wasn't enough, so Jonotron and I left Erik on his mission for flesh while we went to Popstarz, stopping every hour to make sure I do the neck stretches I'm meant to do. It meant a lot of looking askance at bopping indie kids, which made it all very easy to integrate it with my normal, slightly baffled, Popstarz look.

Saturday was a mission into town for shoelaces (yeah, I know) and then off to Camberwell for Fred's birthday party. We forgot to tell her that I want her to be my best man for the wedding next year. She is delighted, but none of us really have any idea what that kind of thing actually involves at all. A party and a speech, maybe? I've no idea, really. After a lovely meal that involved guerilla sticker art, Jonotron, Lloyd and I headed up to London Bridge to follow the trail of the Walking Fed (Jamie's phrase!) into X X helL. Turned out to be anything but hellish and we had a wonderful, if very drunken night, where Grief decided to punch everyone, particularly Lloyd. He's an angel, isn't he?

As a result of getting home sweaty and giggly at five in the morning, today has been a very very very very lazy day. I haven't even drawn a single picture. Still, lunch at the Toad and a walk over Hilly Fields is achievement enough for today for me! Tomorrow, Erik and I may well go to the zoo so I can doodle on post-its and mock the animals mercilessly before he heads back to Sweden in the evening.

It's been a stressful week, and the next few weeks look set to continue in a similar fashion, but it's really no big worry when it's punctuated with lots of silly, messy fun.


Oh, the picture of Badger really has very little to do with anything but I thought you'd like to see how he's getting on.

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call paul said...

So glad you had a nice weekend after so much stress :-)