Monday, June 30, 2008

State of the Union Address

Hm! I'm not about to apologise for not saying much this last week. I've been out and about doing exciting things, which I'm sure you'd all much rather than I sat here and ranted all the time. I've been getting lots of observations done at the National Gallery with a view to starting there soon. I've just got to get over my fear of public speaking, which is really rather ridiculous when I know I know what I'm talking about and that everyone else loves the sound of my voice, so I should go with the majority and love it too!

I went up to Shoreditch for Free Range on Thursday. It was a bit like a trip to TK Maxx, where there's a lot of stuff you don't like, a few cheap versions of things you do like, a lot that's a bit last season and a few exceptionally good pieces. Like many of the visitors last week, my favourite piece was a six foot tall full stop made of black straws. It was exceptionally hypnotic looking at the dappled light through the holes and such a simple idea. The textiles show also had some really beautiful moments in it, too. I think I will head back there this Thursday to see the next cycle of shows, so I may see you there if you're having a nosey around new graduate art.

Friday, I had meant to go for a picnic in Hilly Fields, but the weather just didn't want us to go there, so Fred, Robin and I had a picnic in the living room and Fred gave me a belated birthday present (here). Good catching up was had by all. PiE & MASH in the evening for four (count em!) friends' birthdays and for chatting to lots of people, mostly to one guy I talk to occasionally on Xbox Live, which meant all we did was geek for ages about games. I think he's better at them than I am. I might even take some of the rubbisher ones back through to Game or somewhere to trade in for the new Indiana Jones or something of that ilk. Still, it's good to see PiE & MASH holding its own in an otherwise rather heterogenous Vauxhall. I'm sure it's mostly down to the amazing photography on their site (ahem!).

Having planned to go out again on Saturday, Jonotron and I wound up spending the day together lounging around in the lounge and playing frisbee over Hilly Fields. It was actually a really blissful way to spend the day and we've had some really positive conversations about the future and it just made me think how I really lucked out meeting someone whose strengths really complement mine. He's got a job interview today, same time as my physiotherapy appointment. Hopefully, we'll both have good things to report when we meet up for the gym later on. If he gets this job (which he should, he's brilliant!) then everything becomes a whole lot easier for us both.

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