Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thirty Two

So, I'm thirty-two years of age and last night had a lovely party with much cake and a superb haul of silly gifts, ranging from a crochet Kraken to the most disturbing cardboard box robot I think I've ever seen. This has to be a good thing.

Since I share an official birthday weekend with the Queen (hush, now, mother!) I think it's only apt that I spend the day in quiet contemplation of my position as the head of the church. Oh, and the army. Oh, and laugh at property price fluctuations because, damn it, all the property in the land and all the people belong to me. Only, manic laughter never seems right when all you say is "lol."

The year gone by has been amazing - I've got such a good circle of friends and a sense of community and belonging that I don't think I've ever really felt before. It's also set up some fiendish challenges for the year ahead for me. I've got an exhibition coming up at the Picture House in Greenwich, although the date's not yet fixed and we'll be doing Brockzilla again in the Broca through October, but clearly there's much more to do besides. I'm giving talks about art with the National Gallery and Tate Modern, which is enormously flattering and terrifying and I'm looking to pick up some more writing work too.

So there's so much to look forward to and perhaps it's only when your safety net's on fire that you can really find out how well you can fly.

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Chris said...

Wow. You so old! Almost as old as Joe...