Wednesday, June 04, 2008


365-018: Glamourpuss, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

I won a moustache contest recently and today, I returned home from a very ouchy acupuncture session to find a parcel waiting for me. With newly-acupunctured hand strength, I eagerly tore it open to find a FEAST of goodies inside from Quelle Erqsome. There's a whole world of useful disguise goodies. I ate the chocolate and looked at the sunglasses and they made me think of my mother's old glasses that made her eyes look as big as moons. This photo had to follow shortly.

Admittedly, while the glasses and makeup are JUST like my mother's, the Shirley Temple wig is the same as one my dad used to own. He also had a beard, so maybe I'm turning into some weird fusion of the two of them. It's like I'm my parents' freaky love-child or something. Who'd have thunk it?

I would post a big long rant about that Drink Like A Man And You'll End Up Looking Like Howard advert, but I might just send them a complaint letter instead. Transphobia and sexism aren't great ways to get a positive message across. I'm getting steroid injections in a couple of hours so I'm looking forward to having drummer forearms!

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emmms said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. I knew those glasses were right for you.