Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fear The Facebook.

Well, we all already know that you can't delete yourself and your personal data from facebook without a decree nisi and a court order that will probably grant custody of the children and the holiday home in Costa del Lewisham to The Facebook. Oh! I've decided it's to be called only The Facebook from now on to reflect the menace it possesses.

Yes, indeed! My best man has had her boyfriend eaten by The Facebook and when I've been trying to delete people from my list of friends - either because I've no idea who they are, haven't spoken to them since we friended each other on there or because they keep inviting me to events that no friend of mine would ever attend, let alone organise and then when I move on to do some more culling, The Facebook has brought them back from the dead.

"They will not be notified."

So, my friends list on The Facebook is truly now a coterie of zombies.

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erik said...

And it should look like the book from Army Of Darkness.