Monday, July 07, 2008

Gay Shame and Jonotron Pride

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On Friday, Jonotron found out that he got the promotion he applied for. He worked really, really hard to get it and I'm supremely proud of him. You should be, too. He is brilliant, as well as handsome and charming and double-jointed. Um.

So, Friday night, I managed to totally miss his celebratory drinks while working at Tate Modern for Silvia Ziranek's performance there. Fascinating responses from the audience and the performance itself was food for thought. Jonotron carried the lovely flower I was given home and we were the envy of Nando's.

The weekend was taken up entirely by preparing for, doing and then tidying up after Shame. Around the building were different shops, experiences and strange encounters all on a theme of Masculinity. There was a wank bank, a manky piss perfume shop, a DIY shop, several betting shops and, to make sure the place felt like Streatham High Street a little more, I was running a Roman Spa gay sauna where you'd go in, take off your clothes and leave them in a locker, put on a towel, watch some soft porn intercut with slasher movie moments and then head down a corridor of closed doors until you were lured into a booth by two men who then infected you with a zombie plague.

You'd then stumble back out onto the dance floor a fully-fledged cock zombie, complete with stamp on your face saying "INFECTED". It was a subtle and complicated piece about male sexuality and consequences in places like that, don't you think? In all, I think we infected some fifty punters. I can only imagine the fun they all had getting home like that.


call paul said...

You are simply a trend-setter

Wee Don Kerr said...

Howard - Cock Zombies was one of the true highlights of Saturday night. You hit the gummy nail of the London gay sauna scene squarely on the head. Inspired.

czechOUT said...

Howard, I don't know half the shit you blog about, but only 'cos I have no advance warning.

But anyway, I will shortly post about another self help remedy I have discovered.

If you still have shit going on with your hands and stuff I'll send you (send, gift) a month of treatment, see if it helps.

As I am seeing if it helps me. We can compare notes...

Who knows, different spokes u know.

If u r interested just comment in some complimentary form on my post.