Monday, July 14, 2008


Quite a lot for me to process today. Re-building some lost connections and realising they weren't nearly as lost as I'd thought, making some decisions about directions to take with my artwork and having to get my head around some long-term health stuff that's bitter-sweet good news.

An interesting day, for sure. I'm glad there was quite a lot of cycling involved for the thinking time it affords me. Cycling and wandering up to the Tate Modern members room to have a sit down and a look back through some of my notes in my sketchbooks to help me reassure myself that I'm not being totally stupid with changing career. It's all good. It really is.

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czechOUT said...

H. I'm a week into taking the Agel FLX to see if it eases my joints. Just google it and go to

If you think it might help with your joints/hands (I'm not convinced, but early days yet) even though it might be in your head, I'll send you a month supply courtesy of my promotion/bonus. After all, what's the point of community.

Leave me a comment on a post and a means to contact you and I'll arrange wit' ya.