Thursday, July 24, 2008

Want to learn to sign with Jonotron?

No, he's not teaching it, but he's on a course that still has a few places on it, so I thought I'd mention it to you lot.

Next week, my boyfriend starts on a sign language course run by these people - an intensive Summer course to get you Stage 1 in British Sign Language in just one month, which sounds like a really brilliant investment and a lot less faff than doing a year of evening classes. Apparently there are still some places available but enrolment closes today (eep!) so I thought I'd let you all know about it because I think it would be ace if the course was jam-packed with wonderful people who can look forward to a future of secret(ish) conversations in nightclubs and not having to shout at each other in bars (except when very annoyed).

The course dates are:

Monday 28th July -Friday 1st August, then Monday 11th-Friday 16th August and finally Tuesday 26th-Friday 29th August.

It's 9am-5pm each day, a good teacher-student ratio and costs about £500, which is a bit eep, but seems to be the going rate. More details here and the email address for them is on that page, too.

Would be great fun to have more friends with amazing sign language skills, don't you think?

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Scott K said...

oh crap, with more notice I might have gone for it, even though the cost is a bit eep. Too late now... whoops.