Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Badger, Pteranodons and Burning Man

Pteranodons, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

I'm not a believer in Karma or anything. If I were, I think I'd be in a far worse state than I'm in for all the horrific things I've done over the years, but after a few months of luck that's felt quite rough, this last week seems to be made of astonishingly good fortune.

After that wonderful break in Malmö, we got back and went scanner crazy to get Badger's story done and in a better order than when I tried to upload it all in patches. We unexpectedly got to see Griff, which was a brilliant surprise on the first day back and then yesterday, I met with Dan who has taken Badger off to tidy the comic up and get it ready for uploading so we can start selling it.

This morning, though, I walked through Hilly Fields where they were putting up a summer fair with rides and hook-a-duck and the like and I sat on the bench where Badger sits and had a real lump in my throat thinking that his story's finally told now and that I can't tinker with it now and that I'll have to spend time with him only occasionally. It feels like quite a momentous event, actually. At least I know he's in safe hands now.

Today, I went along to the Natural History Museum to have a chat wiht some of the curators about my next comic book, which is to be about a pteranodon who is raised by polar bears in contemporary Greenland. To my surprise, they only gently laughed in my face and then spent a good couple of hours trying to patiently answer all my inane questions about how they might have hunted, how they moved about, how long they lived and who'd win in a fight with a seal.

(The pterodactyl, but it would lose against a Polar Bear, but what on earth wouldn't?)

I'll update soon with lots of pterano-fax but there's something else that's got me almost prolapsing with excitement...

We're going to Burning Man! Tomorrow! Completely out of the blue!

I think I'm going to blink at some point, but I've not since my friend messaged me with the confirmation. I'm ever so excited. Apparently I'm in charge of costumes for our group so we've got a portable sewing machine and about 20m of fabric and we're going to be prom queens every day there because the theme is American Dreams. I may also try to work out how to make a cheerleader outfit, too. Customs are going to love my bag full of wigs.

Oh my, eh?


Knit Nurse said...

I think you just need to make some REALLY BIG pom poms for the cheerleaders! Have a wonderful time!

Qenny said...

(The pterodactyl, but it would lose against a Polar Bear, but what on earth wouldn't?)

Ooh! Ooh! I know, I know.

Lyra Belaqua's pal, Will.