Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Designated Driver

On Friday, I had my "work-focused interview" at the job centre, which seemed to be designed to filter whether or not I had any intention of working again. I told the man I couldn't return to my usual job and I don't want to work for anyone else, but that I quite like drawing comic books and he seemed to be satisfied that was enough to prove I'm actually not quite right at the moment. It's quite a relief to know that my benefit is assured for at least the next year. I'm really hoping that by then I will have managed to get myself back up and running enough that we don't need to think about it by then.

Saturday was ridiculous. We phoned to try to book a camping pitch in the New Forest only to be told it was fine to just turn up, so we drove out there, only to spend a total of nine hours in the car as we drove to each and every one to be told they'd been fully booked for ages and that they wouldn't accept us even if they did have space because we're a same-sex group. Luckily, the guys in the same-sex group were a hoot and we wound up camping in the back garden and crying with laughter. It was either that or drive the car into a tree.

Sunday, good friends and slimy monsters as always.

This week, I might not be able to post so much; I'm going to Camberwell College of Art for their course on creating comic books. I've got to make a three-page comic by the end of the week. I think mine's going to be about a squirrel who murders a homeless man in the park. Of course, I'll have the results to show you soon!

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