Monday, August 11, 2008

Swimmers Billed

8/8/8: The Potato Peeler Plan DietSo! It turns out that this disability lark comes with a few perks. I went to the pool at Ladywell and have now found out that apparently I qualify for a Lewisham Plus card which will get me into the leisure centre for free (apart from £2 to set it up). Even though the gym's not huge (and has a £10 induction fee), it's such a massive saving compared to the money I pay for Fitness First. Admittedly, I get the sense that there's going to be a lot fewer naked rent boys walking around providing muscle-bound thinspiration, but I'm sure if that really mattered that much to me, I'd be spending my incapacity benefit on escorts anyway.

I did have a few qualms about taking the cheap swim membership as I don't really 'feel' that disabled, whatever that feels like, but then Robin pointed out that I have lost my job as a result of my disability, so I should probably take whatever breaks I can. It's either that or get out the potato peeler so I can strip myself pretty.

We watched Aliens last night and I'd forgotten somehow just how brilliant that film is. It's such a shame that they so rarely make 18-rated films any more, least not any worth speaking of. Are teenagers really the main bulk of cinema-goers these days to the point where excluding them makes your film financially precarious? I'm surprised if so. We then watched Day of the Dead (the old one) and weren't quite so impressed. It does, however, have the zombie bride and the zombie clown and some beautiful sequences of ripping people to pieces. Oh! In the afternoon, we also watched Tomb Raider and were oblivious to any content apart from the breasts that are the main (sole?) attraction in the film.

I think, perhaps, we need to get out more.

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