Friday, August 15, 2008

These Grew in the Garden!

These Grew in the Garden!, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

And I wouldn't have known about them had it not been for our friendly neighbourhood Knit Nurse who happened upon my plea on Green Ladywell for a bit of help with the garden now I'm a bit rubbish at the weeding - well, even worse than I was, I mean. She came round while Robin was working hard at being a one-man crochet badger factory, making toy badgers that will soon be for sale at comic conventions and the like. It was a bit of yarn banter, then a lot of pleasant surprises in the back garden. She seemed to think that the garden wasn't beyond salvation and could actually spot what was a weed and what was an enormous courgette plant. We weren't so good with that bit and now wonder what wonders I slaughtered when I last did the garden up.

Oh, Jonotron and I tried these cartons of meadow flowers that they had on sale in Woolworth's earlier this year, thinking that for £1.99 or something, they might be the easiest way to have pretty flowers in the garden. Turns out they've also managed what Brockley gardeners were thinking was impossible and have kept out the strange blue flower that seems all too rampant around these parts. I'm very proud, especially when the garden behind ours has been allowed to become (hmm, tact... ah!) a butterfly and blackberry sanctuary. It's not a bad little garden, and the Knit Nurse has kindly said she'll pop back in a few weeks to have another go at helping us out. Did I mention that I'm not sure I believe that community is an outdated concept?

In other news, I'm rapidly heading towards having a proper book version of Badger. The lovely typographer and designer, Dan, who is a badger fan, met with me at the Festival Hall this afternoon to explain what I need to do to get my grubby hands on some real life comic books of Badger in time for the stall at Birmingham. It's exciting stuff, but a lot to learn, and a long way from me sitting at home a few months ago and starting to draw a picture of a badger sat in my old flat, eh? Now it's all ISBN faq's and printing estimates. It looks like Print-on-Demand is my best bet for at least while we're starting out, especially when it's all got to happen on zero budget.

Tomorrow, we're off to Edinburgh and we're NOT taking the laptop, so I'll be attempting to keep you all posted when I can by iPhone (erk) but otherwise, I'll catch you soon. Keep right in the thick of trouble, you hear?

PS: I know the knife didn't grow in the garden, but it's South London, so you've always got to carry at least one weapon and my wit's really not that sharp. Plus, cutting courgettes made us think of the BME Pain Olympics videos we were watching the other day. Bwwwf, they were nasty!


knit nurse said...

Hope you enjoyed the courgettes, it was fun doing the garden and I'm looking forward to round two! Having read the threads about the blue flowered stuff, and consulted my flower books, it seems that I need to have a closer inspection of what we thought was borage, for it might be green alkanet. If it's the former, it's a medicinal plant as I mentioned, if it's the latter, it can be used for natural dyeing! Yay!

Sue Luxton said...