Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Badger Books and Art

All over the place, people are receiving their copies of Badger, my little comic book about a badger who lives in Brockley and wanders around in his cute but sad little world.  It's really warming to think that people I don't know are getting to know him.

I've also got quite a few one-off pieces of Badger artwork that I'm going to be selling.  Frustratingly, at the moment, I can't afford to frame them, thanks to having spent all my money on getting copies of the book for the launch party, but I think they're lovely nonetheless and I'm sure people are more than able to find a picture frame for the artwork to live in!  As well as these, I'm also taking commissions to do one-off pieces for people who want to see Badger in a particular environment as gifts and that's proving to be a whole heap of fun.  Please do let me know if you'd like a custom piece of artwork - I've got myself a big pad of 10"x10" paper now so I can do some rather satisfyingly sized pieces.  I'm selling these for about £30 each plus postage and packaging or a cup of tea if we meet up.

Are you coming to the party we're having for Badger on the 30th of September?  It'll be upstairs in the Retro Bar off the Strand from 6pm.  Would be wonderful to see you there!

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