Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brockzilla Returns!

You may remember that this time last year, we held an exhibition of Brockley's hidden monsters... well, they're back! Bring in your stories, drawings, photos, collages and little models of the creatures you've seen stomping or stalking SE4 to The Broca Café, opposite Brockley train station. The exhibition will run through October, so please drop your artwork in ASAP. Alternatively, you can email artwork through to hhardiman at gmail dot com, which is my email address and I'll try to find someone who can print them out (my printer's low on ink and my money's running even lower!). It would be brilliant if we could get a good lot of entries again this year to prove to the world that Brockley is the place to live, even if you're a fifty foot tall monster made of pink string.

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