Monday, September 29, 2008


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I think I'm going to keep on making cute things out of old t-shirts.

Hmm, keeping y'all updated in an executive summary stylee...

* Nothing back from, still, but Consumer Direct seem to think I have a case and have told me to send a formal letter of complaint to about the charges. Nothing more from UPS... yet.
* There's a printing company in Catford who have been quite chirpy about the prospect of getting the next run of Badger printed but I'd need to be able to raise some funds in order to do that - I'll need to find £60 to get them set up with the PDFs then I can just email them orders for however many books I need (which has to be at least 40 at a go, but they're much cheaper than
* I've been offered some web vending application thing that I could use to set up an online shop and the guy who owns it is being just wonderful too and so we might well have a clever new solution to all our woes.
* I've sent off an application to do some research abroad for the next book - it would mean spending a month this winter in Greenland. It's horribly exciting but depends on a lot of things going in my favour that I don't know about so can't say.
* I'm absolutely fucking terrified about going to the hospital again tomorrow as it's then that I find out if I've got crumpled nerves and if that's the case, I'm pretty much resigned to taking the offered surgery. Assuming I'm not in Greenland at the time.
* I've been accepted onto Sync 20, a development programme which includes bespoke training around leadership for disabled people working in the cultural industries. I'm really excited about this, although still a bit struggling to come to terms with the disability thing, despite having, hmm, three easy reasons to be able to tick that box I'm still not sure I feel right doing so.
* It's Badger's Birthday Party tomorrow from 6pm upstairs at the Retro Bar! I'm very excited but a little bit nervous that I'll be sat there on my own, nursing a brandy and hiding behind a mountain of toy badgers.
* I love you and miss you, whoever you are, reading this. It's been ages and I think I need someone to give me a hug and help me calm down.

How's that for an executive summary? Clearly I forgot to mention some boring scary stuff about incapacity benefit, some heartening tales about sex clubs and about how Jonathan's improbable craving for cigarettes might just have saved the world.

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ALI KATI said...

I'll pop round. :) A mountain of toy badgers is just too good to miss.