Monday, September 08, 2008

iKnit and Pom Pom International

I live in so many different worlds right now. On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be babysitting Amy Lamé's project, Pom Pom International at the hugely successful iKnit event at he Horticultural Halls in Westminster. It's a project she started a little while back wherein she wants to use craft and silliness as a way of bringing together people who might not otherwise come together to share in a fun activity. The project's been to Northern Ireland to communities that are still divided by the legacy of the troubles and on a grass roots level was able to get people around a table to make pom poms and to talk about their hopes for peace.

As the project travels, the mountain of pom poms grows, each pom pom being tagged with the name of the person who made it and their message to the people likely to receive the project next. As such, there are some really sweet messages on the tags that came back from Northern Ireland, speaking of the healing power of craft and shared joy and how they wished the next set of people to see their creations would receive them with a smile. It's a really cute project, so it felt quite daunting to be asked to look after it for Amy while she's busy doing Celeb Air.

Still, she'd made sure that everyone organising the event knew I'd need help setting up and taking things down and spent a very long time on the phone from underneath the check-in desk at Gatwick telling me I wasn't to risk hurting my hands by carrying things or by helping people by making their pompoms for them. That was really touching that she'd remembered that I'd said I was all RSI-riddled, so the day was made much, much easier for it.

It was busy, I tells ya - in all, while Amy was busy being a fabulous trolly dolly, seventy new pompoms were added to the project's stash of tagged pom poms for peace. I actually enjoyed helping out, it was tiring by the end of the day, but it was nice to feel like I had a job to do. I mean, finishing Badger's book was quite an achievement (if you missed the post on friday, you can buy the book here), but it was good to spend the day explaining the project's aims to people and help them make their little wooly messages for peace.

Oh! Did I mention that I made myself a new website for my comics and stuff?

I hope it does what it says on the tin!

Have a lovely day, people, and wish Amy Lamé luck in CelebAir if you're that way inclined!

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