Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Badger's Birthday Party!

Badger will be celebrating his birthday (the publication of the book, that is) on the 30th of September, upstairs at the Retro Bar from 6pm onwards.  I'll be there with a stack of books and badger-related goodies, so it would be brilliant if you could come along and join us for that.  The Retro Bar is in George Court, off the Strand (the alley next to Superdrug).  If you're searching for it, the postcode is WC2N 6HH if you're looking for it on a map.

If you really want to embarrass me, you can buy a signed copy of the sad story of the lonely badger who lived in my old flat.  Alternatively, you can just come along and celebrate by giving me a hug and telling me it's a job well done.

Something else you could help with, which would be brilliant, is if you could tell people about Badger, either by putting links on facebook or blogging about him or generally telling your friends.  If there's anyone reading this who knows how best to approach comic book shops (or, God forbid, publishers) then please let me know if you have any tips on how best to do this.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday the 30th, upstairs at the Retro Bar!


czechOUT said...

well meantime I have the uber-cute adipoise.

I will soon blog them.

30 Sep is Rosh Hashanah...but I'm not I will try to be there. For sure.


Scott K said...

Badger would be great for the ICA bookshop, I'm sure - Lena Nix is the
ICA bookshop Manager. I don't know her to put a word in, I just buy lots of stuff there. Possibly best to phone/call in in person?