Tuesday, September 30, 2008 In Shock Apology!

I am very sorry for the trouble you have had with this order. We have had an issue with our European printer that inadvertently sent some orders via Freight Collect. We are working with UPS to have Lulu charged and the packages delivered. OUr shipping manager has said that anyone being asked for the charges inform either the courier or write on the door tag /Invoice that UPS has been instructed to charge Lulu, and to not return the packages to the shipper.

This is by no means our normal practice, and we are working very hard with UPS and the printer to ensure this never happens again. I have refunded you your shipping costs for this order for your trouble. Please let me know if you have any further issues on this.

Wow! That's a relief! Well done in holding your hands up and admitting fault, I say.


Deptford Dame said...

hurrah! Glad to hear you got that sorted out, and hope the book launch went well.

Caspar said...

That's fab news!