Saturday, September 13, 2008

Many Things Came In The Post

I absolutely love it when I get post.  Admittedly, most of the time it's bills that I'm not sure I've got the money to pay or bank statements reminding me that I don't have the money to pay for the bills, but sometimes there's stuff that pops through the letterbox that just makes it all worthwhile.

I got through my first t-shirt from which is a Swedish company that sends you a new t-shirt every six weeks, each one with a topical story reflected in designer graphics on the front (and the story itself inside the back of the garment).  I look forward to getting my next one through in a few weeks as the first one's pretty darned funky.  Do you like it?

I also have been sent an amazing little magazine that's beautifully hand-finished and totally warrants a post of its own to tell you about how wonderful it is, so I'll do that in a day or two.

I got through the new cards I asked them to make for Cute But Sad comics and they look ever so neat.  It's quite funny having business cards with Badger on, but I suspect they'll be essential in the weeks to come as I try to take the book around to different fairs and see if anyone wants to buy it.  On a related note, I've been receiving photos of people who've bought the book and wanted to show me that it had arrived.  These make me very happy, so please do continue to email me with them and I'll grin endlessly, I promise it.

This coming week, I'm expecting to be able to pick up my post and find the 1991 Dungeons and Dragons 'Dark Sun' Campaign Setting, which I've been wanting to re-play for quite some time.  I hope it's still good fun to play.  With the group I've got at the moment falling on the floor and screaming at the Call of Cthulhu game going on, I suspect they'll enjoy themselves on Athas.

I should also be getting little Badger stickers from and my own copies of the book!  I'm quite obscenely excited about the launch party - Badger's Birthday Party, even though a lot of people have only read the title for the event and are assuming it's my birthday, so might be a bit affronted if they turn up, card in hand, to find me with a table full of books and Badger related things.  Oops!

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czechOUT said...

Do you remember the Jim'll Fix It episode where the girl wrote in asking for a letter? She then got 6 sackfulls.

I love it when I get mail too, but not if it's the junk kind.

These days the CC (credit crunch) has caused me to cut back on the fun goodies coming via the post. But if anyone has some spare cash flushing around I say go for it... I certainly would but only on Dr Who figures!