Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Never Catch Up With Yourself

Sad Teddy in Lewisham
Do you ever have days when you feel like this teddy bear? Lost, slumping over your hollow belly, waiting for someone who understands you to find you and take you back in and show you love?

No, me neither, honest. However, isn't he just adorable? Robin and I saw him near Lewisham station yesterday and I just had to stop and snap him.

I've had a really good week or two but my hands haven't been particularly happy which has meant I've not been able to tell you all about it so clearly it'll all have to remain mysterious and sexy while you imagine what I've been up to. I'll let you guess whether I've been doing home baking or bareback orgies. As always, it's a little bit of both, but I won't bore you with the details.

Badger stuff is going really well - reviews and comments on him are popping up all over the shop and letting me find out about some really cool people in Brockley from their blogs. I love how titchy the world becomes once you get on the internet. Well, the comic book loving Brockley world isn't vast, but apparently you'd be surprised how many of us there are. I've had to cancel my subscription with Forbidden Planet because I can't really justify spending all that money every month on comics, even if it's really important to how I want to get myself back to work again. There's a fairly steady stream of people buying books from but quite a few people have said they're waiting to get a copy at Badger's birthday party next Tuesday. (Retro Bar, George Court, upstairs from 6pm).

Oh, while I'm thinking about it, I should write something about access for that - the Retro Bar isn't terribly accessible if you find stairs tricky, but the main bar has a big quiz night going on then. I want to have the party there because it's central and because Lloyd will (hopefully) be our barman for the night and I love that idea. If, however, you want to get your hands on a copy of the book and either don't want to contend with stairs or find pubs a bit too much like hard work, then email me and I'm sure we can arrange to meet up and I can get a copy of the book to you in person.

Sign language users, please note that I'll have been to see the neurophysiologist that morning, so the chances are I'll be in quite a lot of pain with my hands so I might not be able to sign as quickly or as easily as you're used to. It's a bit embarrassing and very sad not being able to talk freely with my friends so you might have to bear with me a little bit.

We'll have Badger books for £7, little crocheted Badgers (thisisnotatoy etc) for £7 and we're trying to put together a gift set that's the book, the thisisnotatoy and some Badger stickers and the When Pigeons Weep collections for £15. I'll also have some pictures to sell, too. The night's not about the selling, though, not really, it's all about celebrating Badger and how cute but sad he is.

In other news, I've started applying for Artist in Residence schemes. I'm really not keen on staying on Incapacity Benefit any longer than I absolutely have to. If it looks like my hands are going to be causing me trouble for a long time yet, I'd like to be making a start on finding ways to work that get around that rather than having to spend a lot of time just waiting for things to get better. I'm very excited and a little bit scared.

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