Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trading Standards

I've still not heard back from so I've emailed Trading Standards to ask for their advice on how to proceed. I maintain that if you're going to produce something overseas and that it will incur a huge surcharge on your customer, you really should be letting them know that when you're ordering. It's frustrating - luckily, small orders aren't affected, so people wanting to buy a copy of the book from should be fine, it's just mugs like me who order sixty!


Caspar said...

nice to meet you both last night! The printers I mentioned were - not sure if they'll do what you want, but they were very flexible for us when we wanted something awkward (glossy cover, recycled inner pages except the center 4 which were on colour paper!). Also when looking at the prices take into account you save a whole bunch by paying at the time you make the order and also for picking it up which I think saves you about 12%, or did a few years ago when we dealt with them!

Caspar said...

oh how i love blogger. my email address is! forgot it wouldn't tell you that when i posted a comment. Cx