Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Badger's Birthday Party!

Leaf BadgesThank you so much to everyone who came along to Badger's birthday party yesterday! I had such a good evening and lots of people bought books, which just made it even better. Combined with the news that aren't evil after all, I'm not in such a complete panic about money now. Just a panic. I think I might have to have a go at getting more books together very soon indeed. I'm worried I might not have enough for Birmingham now! Good news, in a way, eh?

Also, it was really lovely to meet more of badger's friends, especially when it sounds like lots of you know useful things about comic books.

I'm having a bit of an adventure today trying to get new books printed in time for this weekend. It's a bit exciting.

Ah, and look!

Christmas cards!

Badger Christmas Cards

Let me know if you want some, I think they're going to be £1.50 each or something like that.

ps: I forgot to take photos last night. Did you remember to?

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