Monday, October 27, 2008

The Music of the Spheres

Some things:
  • For the last three weeks, I've noticed that I keep taking my phone out of my pocket and seeing that it's 13:37.  I mentioned it to a friend in Edinburgh and it turns out he has the same thing.  He thinks we might all be Cylons.  I think we're more like Dysons for noticing that kind of nonsense.
  • Doing the research for the Hayward Gallery is depressing.  Reading about Andy Warhol's associates and how so many of them died of AIDS-related illnesses, drug overdoses or by suicide makes me so relieved I was too young to have any real memory of the eighties.  I'm pretty sure that it had a sideways influence on the world I was coming out into - my mother was terrified I'd die of AIDS, lonely and sad.  Now it's the noughties, clearly I'm going to die of AIDS, but in a world of happy friends.  It's interesting how much this is making me re-think Warhol's work.
  • I've been wondering what blogging's actually for these days now that all the personal blogging stuff seems to have moved over onto Facebook.  That said, I seem to spend a lot of time wondering what anything's for these days.
  • The news this morning made me laugh when it said the government has taken measures to deal with the people who are "languishing" on incapacity benefit's generosity and then went on to explain it was at most £84 a week as though that were a shockingly high amount.  I've no idea how this will change things for me, but I doubt it will.  More to the point, I don't plan on being out of work any longer than is strictly necessary.
  • Heroes Season Three increasingly feels like it's clutching at straws with every episode being packed with big reveals and escalation.  I don't know if I'll keep being excited about it because it tries so hard to be serious and important when Smallville seems to be able to remain more entertaining just by being camp.
  • I have no plans for the week ahead at all.  I think I might languish in the Rothko exhibition and keep on peering at the Hayward Gallery in terror.  It's a life.


czechOUT said...

Howard - in these shoes? i don't think so!

Bloiffy said...

omg I was just reading this and I went to the bog, and on my way back I took my phone out of my pocket and there it was. 1337 o'clock.