Friday, October 24, 2008

Nubs of Steel!

Okay, so you can't really see it in this photo, but that there church has a rather plaintive sign on the front of it:


God, 3 for effort, D for attainment.  Shows great potential but seems inattentive in class.  Must try harder.

I, however, am not like W9 and made of fail.  Mind you, I am in love with the atheist bus campaign, which is putting ads with atheist slogans on the side of buses to counteract the bizarre trend of putting up evangelical ads on buses and pretty much anywhere that will have them. 

Incidentally, there's a massive poster outside a building on the Old Kent Road that depicts the charismatic leader of the church holding a flaming sword.  I'm really tempted to try to report it to the advertising standards agency for blasphemy because it's inferring that he is an archangel and clearly that's not been substantiated or it would have made it into the Daily Mail or the similarly august New Scientist by now.  I'm not sure if it's like other laws though where, for instance, you have to be a woman to complain about misogynistic jokes in the workplace or you have to be black to be offended when you go to a pub that has a "No Irish" sign on the door.

Speaking of cults being defeated, apparently Coffee, Cake and Kink, the SM cafe that doesn't mean Sausage and Mash, is closing down after a very protracted dispute with their landlords.  It's a bit of a shame to see it go, but I'd have to poke my Thomas-hole before I allowed myself to become convinced that they weren't also some weird cult.  

There's some cults that don't die, though, and the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Hayward turns out to be a fabulous example of this - they have wallpaper there that you have to get through the Andy Warhol Foundation and you're only allowed it for use in exhibitions of his work, it's custom-made and you have to sign an agreement that it will be destroyed at the end of the exhibition just in case someone should keep a scrap and it end up on ebay.  There's something really quite wonderful about how protective they are of the intellectual copyright of an artist whose work was plundered from popular culture.

I picked up my staff pass yesterday, you see.  Howard Hardiman: Tour Guide.  Doesn't get me a discount on coffee there, though, damn it!

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