Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We are all just grass on the train.

So.  My last week was full of me being a bit of a grump about my lot in life, right?  Well, in typically Howardine fashion, I got to Friday and had a little think about the whole being signed off from work and having to deal with the benefits agency thing.  My thoughts?

Fuck this for a lark, frankly.  Just because I can't hold open a door shouldn't mean I can't hold down a job.  I mean, I'm sure the GP means well saying I should just stay off work and live happily ever after on benefits because I'm a disablilised, but I think I'm reconciled with the idea that I can't go back to being a sign language interpreter and that that isn't any bad thing, really, so I'm back in business, looking for exciting wheeler-dealing ways to ruin myself.  Financially, I mean, not just for other women.

I've had a nice rest over Summer and I freely admit that with the world o'medical stuff going on it was something I more than likely needed.  So, since then, I've been having a look at what kind of jobs I can do and which ones I might like to have a go at.  There's an outreach and learning officer job at the cartoon museum that's three days a week, so I'm going to have a nose at that, I've asked around at galleries I know if there's anything exciting happening that might need an Access Officer or something like that, tried for a couple of gallery lecturer jobs and have had a serious think about grants and the like I can apply for.  I've also realised I need to pull my finger out about publicising Badger and the comics I'm making and approaching distributors and publishers and stuff.  Hopefully once I've got Thought Bubble out of the way I can think about all that a bit more clearly!

Anyway.  Are you fucked off with all the talk about Credit Crunch and all that as though it is clearly the end of the world?  Housing price crash sounds like a great thing, as houses shouldn't cost more than three times the salary plus 10% of the people who live there.  They've been wrong for the last 10 years or so at least.  Banks won't lend money?  Good!  Whatever happened to the idea that debt was bad?  Things in London have always cost too much, all the time I've lived here, so it hasn't changed things for most people I know, although it might mean no Macbook Pro for all the people who will die without one.

Oh wells!

Hmm, what else to tell you?  I'm off to have a look at the Hayward Gallery's Warhol collection, which I'm hoping is fun, but I've been told that apparently they expect you to watch the movies rather than drink champagne, snort coke and fuck in the corner of the room, so I'm not sure if they're quite meeting the artist's preferences for how they're shown.  Went to Tate Modern for the Rothko yesterday and it was wonderful to just bask in the atmosphere, although I found myself wishing for less light and fewer explanatory notes.  I prefer Rothko's work when it's night-time, autumnal and shadowy.  The x-rays of how it was all made just felt like it took away some of the magic for me.

Anyhoo, I've got another medical appointment to get to, so I'd best get my arse in gear, people.  Let me know if you hear of a job that would be great for me and might put up with me, would you?  Ta!



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Cazz said...

I've told you trillions of times. Be a voice over artist. Easy money natch.

Anonymous said...


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All the best,


call paul said...

Your new self assessment sounds wonderful and it is great that you are putting your best feet forward. I think the new badger picture look really sweet. How big is it?

As for a job....ummmm. It looks like being Madonna's ex husband could be fairly lucrative and the may be a position opening up soon. How about that?

Big kisses to you and Jonotron XXX