Thursday, November 27, 2008

Badger at Home

Badger at Home, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

Like Badger, I just got in from the rain. It's been a very strange week. Jonathan's father passed away last Friday morning, which was a whole world of strangeness. I'd never realised all the strange logistical things that go into that.

This week, I started my new job at the National Maritime Museum and have been trying to get my head around the work I'll be doing there and also around the whole idea of having an ongoing job again.

Yesterday, I think I agreed to do some outreach type work for a local charity that looks like it might be an interesting bit of work to get involved with and today I've been spending the day taking teenage girls around the Robin Rhode exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and being slightly sad to hear how so many people say they can't draw or that all the joy they have in drawing gets drained out of them in art classes where they're having to stick to a curriculum that says a good drawing is a good likeness.

It's a shame that art at school has to live with those constraints. I got a D for art at GCSE and that very nearly put me off making artwork. It was only that I wanted to write poetry but didn't like reading it enough to do English Literature that I wound up at Art School where I slowly re-connected with some sense of confidence in my ability to produce visual art. I wish more people felt happier with the idea that a drawing isn't necessarily about a likeness as it can be about a feeling, a movement or something emotional rather than feeling like you've failed because you're not inspired by spending ages cross-hatching fruit.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I just got in from doing a radio interview for a comics podcast and radio show - luckily I only talked about pterodactyl porn once we weren't recording any more. I'm not sure if heckling him was such a great move, but we'll see, eh?

Anyway! On Monday, I've got to hang an exhibition of my work at the Greenwich Picturehouse Cinema so I'd better pull my finger out about that, eh? Funny how two weeks ago I didn't have much of a job and suddenly I have three apart from the comics stuff. It's very exciting!


Hedgie said...

Congrats on the new ventures! The national maritime Museum is lovely; Greenwich must be such a nice place to work. Good luck!

Mike Leader said...

Hello Howard,

Will have to check out the Greenwich exhibition!

Had a quick chat with you at Comica, about buses from Brockley to Peckham I believe. Sadly, I didn't have the funds for Badger at the time, but I hopefully will soon.

All the best!


czechOUT said...

Howard Zombie

My french teacher fucked up my french. I got a B while all the rest were A's. Yet now I have the best French accent of all my class, even though they may be better gramatically and with fuller vocab.

Sorry to hear about Jtron's father's death, it stalks us, but U know that. I have a nephew 3 days old who might not make it. Birth problems. C'est la vie.