Thursday, November 06, 2008


Bronchioles at Christmas, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

So, right - things are certainly turning a corner. I'm really pleased with the review of Badger. I totally take the comment that the artwork's muddy and it's been the aspect of Badger that I've been working hardest to improve on and I'm pretty confident that the next collection will be far more visually pleasing. I like how Badger looks and feels now, the artwork's maturing nicely as is my storytelling. The Christmas tale is coming along well and the special festive edition of Cute But Sad Comics is coming along very well, with a November/December story for Badger that's mournful, slow and episodic and culminates in a few Christmas surprises.

Yesterday, I had a little flood of inspiration for some new When Pigeons Weep cartoons and this little strip fell out. I'm slightly shocked at myself that the bronchioles now talk, but I quite like how it works. They should be in the Christmas zine along with Badger, some new Pigeons and if I can possibly manage to draw it in time, a short story about Jack being festive and brutal.

What else happened today? I have been invited for an informal chat (read: scary interview) with the Maritime Museum (read: It's probably an ambush by pirates and swashbucklers!) so I'm hoping that this time next year I'll be a navvie and can tattoo birds on my chest and swear like a sailor. I might have mentioned something like that when I replied to the email and that might possibly have been a mistake when I hit "reply all" - whoops, least they know what they might be letting themselves in for.

I also delivered my first tour at the Hayward Gallery to a really friendly group from one of the corporate sponsors. We had a good 45 minutes of me wittering on about the Warhol exhibition and they seemed to enjoy it, so hopefully I'll get to do a few more things like that. In a couple of weeks I should be doing some workshops with kids there. That'll be exciting!

So, um, yeah, things are good with me. I hope you're having a lovely time.

Kiss kiss!

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