Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Credit Crunch Carol

Happy Christmas

Hark, Estate Agencies sing:
"Gordon Brown spoiled everything."
The Credit Crunch will last a while;
'Til housing prices reconcile.
Joyless nations realise
As airlines fall out of the skies
And Woolworths dies we all proclaim:
"Recession's come around again."
Hark! Estate Agencies sing:
"Gordon Brown's spoiled everything."

The money that we all adored
Wiped out by a greedy board
Who told us prices only rise
And caught us in their foolish lies.
Debt collectors smash down doors
Remind you - "borrowed" isn't "yours"
Instead of hospitals rebuilt
For toxic debt we all are billed.
Hark! Bank customers do sing:
"Our mortgages spoiled everything."

Hail the zero int'rest rate!
Hail too little far too late!
Could exchange rates that seem to sting
Kick-start our manufacturing?
Layoffs over Christmas times
Mean New Year's unemployment lines.
But is the measure of our worth
Found in a wallet or a purse?
Hark! Perhaps we all should sing:
"Money isn't everything!"

Happy Christmas, y'all.  Don't stress about the Current Economic Climate.  Climates change, surely the British, with our fascination with the weather should really know this by now.  Mild winter brings a mild summer and a heatwave brings an arctic snap.  Just wrap up warm and try not to forget how important it is to buy local this Christmas.

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Social Disaster said...

True, borrowed is not yours. That was a cute poem. Maybe I will save up a lil more proior to getting my own appartment because of such economic climte