Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The View From Work

The View From Work, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

Went along to An Evening With The Stars at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich last night. It was such a lovely way to spend the evening! After work, there was a staff Christmas sale in the shop at the National Maritime Museum so Jonotron and I got about half our Christmas shopping done in one fell pirate-themed swoop. We then caught the shuttle bus up through Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory and were treated to an incredible experience. We climbed up to the top of Flamsteed House where we met two of the astronomers and we spent about an hour with them, playing with the 28" refracted telescope there. We looked at distant binary systems and clusters and the astronomers told us about the five planets on other systems that have now been seen rather than just inferred.

It really was beautiful - such a privilege to be able to see all that. We then went down into the planetarium for The Sky Tonight where another astronomer explained, in a rather warmer setting, how what was visible in the night sky. Tonight, incidentally, if you look to the west at about 5pm, you should see the Moon, Venus and Jupiter all close to the horizon. Unless it's cloudy or London's grubby sky, of course.

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