Friday, January 09, 2009

All Change.

It rather looks as though Jonathan and I will be leaving Brockley in a couple of months as he's inherited a flat in Chiswick. It seems like it would be folly to try to sell it now, no matter how well it translates to a flat in Brockley, it's not a good time to sell, so we're going to do it up and move in there at least temporarily so we can save on rent and put the money into doing the flat up instead.

I'll certainly be very sad to leave, but eek, this will be a marital home!


Caspar said...

Sorry to hear you have to leave, but Chiswick is a nice area and if it's rent free, it's all win!

Deptford Dame said...

:-( and I was just musing idly on the prospects for the garden this year. Great news for the two of you in terms of reduced living costs though! Don't stay away too long.

Sue said...

Oh no! Will Badger be joining you, or staying put in Brockley?