Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, Peg's Ear

All in all, it was a brilliant end to a less than great year that was also awesome in so many ways.

Low moments of 2008 included when my eardrum burst, when I found out I have quite serious nerve damage to both arms, when I had to spend six months off work and can't return to a job I used to quite often enjoy, so have seen a lot less of the people I love most because I don't work with them any more.

However, sometimes to take a leap of faith, you need a little push from despair and some wonderful things came from the rubbish stuff.  Most notably, in 2008 I got engaged and have had phenomenal levels of support from friends so I've never really felt alone when I've been in pain.

Badger has been a real highlight for the last year.  Obviously he started out as a sort of autobiographical reference to my fears and the sadness I felt at the fitness and health I was so proud of coming unravelled so quickly, but soon he took on a life of his own and I've been so delighted that people connected with him and that he's done so well.  I mean, thanks to the seemingly endless support of Robin and Dan, Badger wound up in one of Forbidden Planet International's top five best books of 2008.

What's in store for 2009?  It's looking packed already!  I've started work on Pterodactyl's story, but you'll have to wait for me to get an a3 scanner before I can show you too much of that. Jonathan and I are getting married (assuming we can sort it out in time!) and he's buying a flat for us with his inheritance (eep!).  I'm going to have two rounds of surgery on my arms to try to fix the damage done to my elbows.  I've got to look for a publisher and start booking myself in for the comics events coming up in the year ahead.  I've missed the boat with the UK Web Comix Thing (oh, the shame!)  but I should pull my finger out with that.

Oh, and I applied for the residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which I suspect every comic book maker in the world has done so I've very little chance of getting!  Wish me luck!

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