Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The United Kingdom of the Dead.

It seems that everyone is declaring this country to be not only in recession but also bankrupt, with unemployment figures set to hit three and a half million by the end of the year and another gazillion pounds to be pumped into the banking system to force them to lend more money when it was the country's addiction to easy credit that drove us off a cliff like this.  On top of that, they now want to part-privatise the Royal Mail, where they're going to have the taxpayers under-writing the bad pension burden and then hand all the profits over to the private companies.  Oh!  And there's plans to give patients a budget to spend on their healthcare which will just mean that the hospitals which struggle now will be truly fucked in a few years while, guess what, private companies can cream off the profits.

It really does sound to me like they're flogging a dead horse.  Obviously, that has nothing to do with a photo of a Tauren Death Knight that I put up here, but there weren't many sadomasochistic images of dead horses I could have posted without winding up with my blog getting shut down.

I just don't get why the solution to a recession based on toxic debt is to give banks our money and force them to lend it back to us.  Surely there's some incredible tomfoolery going on here.  Would it not make more sense to buy the banks and turn them into Post Offices which act as branches for the Bank of England, thereby keeping the profits public, controlling lending to businesses and piling money back into the postal system and protecting a whole heap of jobs in the process?

I don't know, really.  I can't really see much of a way out of this, but surely there has to be something better than punishing people for not getting into debt and bailing out those who lived beyond their means for a decade?  God.  I sound like one of the hippies I knew in Norwich and used to think maybe they had a point about economic reform until I found out about the speed factory in their spare bathroom that paid their rent and realised perhaps everyone's a capitalist the moment they get a chance.

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