Thursday, February 12, 2009

In The Firing Line

Firing SquadDoes anyone have any good news these days?  In the last fortnight, I've heard from about five friends losing their jobs, two long term relationships breaking down, someone died and several of my favourite people in the world are struggling with depression.  It's horrible, so many bad things happening to lovely people.  I mean, I'm fine with bad things happening to horrible, dull or mediocre people (the fact I'm still here is proof of that), but when nice people get caught in the shitstorm cross-fire, I'm irked.

Yeah, sure, I've got stuff going on, too - arm woe, work woe, money woe, woe-headed woe and all that, but there's still plenty to be perky about.  Caroline can dance the Ladies' Choice, I'm about to become the nastiest man in a nice area, rather than the other way around and there's people to wind up on Thingbox, so I'll survive the Depression with a big D.

I'm not commenting on the whole lol0clypse that is the Dutch guy visiting the UK or the prospect of the GodHatesFags club coming to Hampshire.  I'm not.  It's just all too daft.

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