Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Polar Bears, Pirates and Thieves.

Time to Myself.I guess this time off to think is paying off.  Quite apart from making good progress with the pterodactyl story, I've had some thinking time.  First, the pterodactyl stuff: I've drawn and inked out about a dozen pages now and the quality is (finally) consistent.  You can recognise the characters as the same people on different pages.  I'm drawing it out of sequence, by lucky dipping which scene I draw next.  Because of this, I don't really want to put too much of it online just yet.  Instead, I'm going to wait until it's looking a bit more finished before I start to share it.  There's also the factor of looking for a publisher for it, which I can start doing once I've got a solid sequence of about a dozen pages completed.  The pages that are done are scattered all through the storyline so there's nothing to show for it yet.  I'm hoping that the synopsis and a sample might tempt a publisher to get involved sooner rather than later.  I'd hate to finish it only to find out that a publisher loves it but needs it formatted differently.

This is a bit of a piecemeal post, so I apologise for that right now. I said I needed some time to sort my head out a bit in terms of priorities and I'm getting it now.  We're sorting things out like a house clearance at the flat in Chiswick and have booked in the workman who is going to re-decorate the place so it's ready for us to move in.  We had the Brockley flat professionally cleaned and had the carpets cleaned, too.  It's pristine, but I'm not sure if I feel like it's home any more now I know that the move is coming in about six weeks.  Knowing that we've got that to deal with in the immediate future means that everything else feels like it's floating until that's done and dusted.  I don't yet know what I'll be doing for work once this job finishes at the end of March.  I'm hoping I can stay on, but am prepared to start looking around at other options.  I enjoy it, but it's not my main job after all, and I can't always live like it is.

Something struck me this week, too.  I was reading a message board where someone was asking where to download comics from because they weren't sure they wanted to keep buying from Marvel when their output is in a shaky phase.  I felt vaguely affronted and suggested they tried looking for small press stuff since there's so much good stuff going on there.  Then I realised I was a total hypocrite because there's music that friends have shared with me and it's been a long while since I bought an album.  It's impossible for me to push to protect the income of artists by saying that downloading their work without permission is theft when the adage that people who download more music also buy more music just doesn't seem to hold true any more.

It's gone from a try-before you buy mentality to a wholesale plunder, so it's little wonder that we're in a quagmire of X-Factor winners as pop adapts to a new market.  It may be that with Diamond's change of tack, I might well wind up needing to look at web distribution of comics or other ways of approaching the whole game, but I'm not giving up on writing and making books and I'm not about to give up on the people who make them, either.  If I like something, I'll pay for it from now on.  If I want to hear new music for free, I'll listen to the radio.  It's hardly like there aren't enough channels to always find something fresh.

Just thought you might want to know.


Scott K said...

Have you seen Spotify? It's an internet jukebox, that is legal and either funded by ads or subscription. So you can sample full tracks of lots of music, legally, and then buy what you want, if you want to - or just keep listening to it via spotify. I like it. We need businesses to come up with new business models for music inthe internet era, rather than just keep prosecuting those that try to adapt.

Me said...

And for those of us pariahs who use Linux, or similar, and who are Not Allowed to use Spotify *sniff*, there are sites like where you can have effectively online music radio of your choice. And you can even choose to donate money to then, too.

[edit: the word verification for this was 'floryate'. Is that even a real word? Should I be typing 'cannot verify. sorry' into the answer box.. ]

czechOUT said...

will it be strange, do you think, moving away into a new home without Fluffy?

I guess there's always so much baggage involved with moving on...

happy times though Howard.