Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updated Contact Details

Not very good at always being good.There are times when I miss the adventure of homelessness. We spent yesterday waiting in the new flat for the British Heart Foundation people to come and take away the furniture. What they didn't say when they agreed to do a house clearance first thing on Saturday morning, was that they'd refuse to take the majority of the stuff and that they'd turn up at 4pm after not answering the phone all day. So, having wasted the day, and facing the prospect of doing the same, only this time not being able to convince a house clearance place to do it with the tempting offer of an only slightly smoke-stained sofa, I started to yearn for the days of yore when I spent a couple of months living on sofas, turning up at someone else's house until they got pissed off with me and then moving on.

The nearest I have now is having a lot of profiles on a lot of internet sites. In case you're interested:

Shop (I'm going to draw a front page for it soon, I promise!)

I may have to think about playing with to get it all working a bit more efficiently.  Until then, do feel free to sofa surf with me.

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jen said...

Try ... you might have more luck, unless you have a lot of stuff to shift. In which case, I suggest you try and get people to take more than one item at a time (i.e. dining room table, 4 chairs AND a sideboard, etc). hope that helps!