Monday, February 02, 2009

Working From Home

Greenwich, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

So, this Extreme Weather Event, right? It seems that the people of South East London heard that and assumed it could mean only one thing:

Go to Greenwich, armed with your ironing board, a tea tray or a Bag For Life from Sainsbury's and fling yourself down the hill from the Observatory.

For me, I heard that, but went to work anyway, only to be told I was silly and that I should immediately leave and throw snowballs and catch up on a report I need to write from home. Mostly, though, I've thrown snowballs!


Bijou said...

Personally, i flung myself down Avery Hill on a For Sale sign with a bunch of strangers. And their dog.

Mike Leader said...

Aw, that looks lovely.

My girlfriend's first reaction when she heard her work was closed was to suggest going to Greenwich.

Sadly, she's had friends over, who were due to fly back to Switzerland today. So instead we were all battling with phone lines, sorting out re-arranging flights and double-checking cancellations. So no Greenwich for us.

Maybe next time!


Deptford Dame said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Unfortunately two looming deadlines meant working from home was just that for me! I had to get a bit of vicarious pleasure from watching the local teens in the car park, building the biggest snowman I've ever seen!