Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Punk Love

Punk Rock Love BW, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

So, we went to Tate Britain over in Pimlico to see the Altermodern exhibition. It had looked so very promising, with the Simone Lia history of modern art and then, as we approached, the mushroom cloud of tin cans looked incredible and made an interesting (if slightly tired) point about the climate.

Went in, spent some time adoring Bob and Roberta Smith's work, and... well... that was about it for the good stuff. I felt a tiny bit cheated when the site was all manifesto and allusions to novelty and what there was just felt like another failed attempt to re-create the buzz around the Sensations exhibition, just with the visceral shock of it watered down to a slightly infantile level. Poo Jesus? Please.

After tea and disappointment cake in the Members' Room (heh), Robin and I went up to the Cafe in the Crypt for lunch and I did a little doodle of the crypt, but got too annoyed with the woman staring over my shoulder from the table next to us and instead drew the Crypt with all the patrons fleeing from a tiny fire-breathing dragon. It was meant to be huge, but perspective is a bitch.

Eventually, full of pork sandwich and rage, I parked myself in the ICA bar and sketched on in peace (other than the cruising guy who kept ignoring his meeting to stare at my crotch. Nice.) and put together the drawing you see above, for where they set the challenge for a bunch of comics artists and illustrators to do something based on each of The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs. I picked out Punk Love and Nothing Matters When We're Dancing. The lyrics run up to just three words, so I figured I'd get Punk Love out of the way first. I did do a colour version (on Flickr) but I think I prefer this.

Forgot what time it was and didn't leave myself any time to actually look at art at the ICA and had to rush off to meet Caroline for dinner in the ultra-alternative haven of indie-rock bliss that is the Westfield Shopping Centre. So much for West London's throbbing art vibe. Still, it's always good to see her and I picked up a book that might help me prepare for the Illustration MA interview.

I've still got no fucking idea how I'm going to pay for that course if I'm accepted on that and can't find a job in the meantime. Pish, though. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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call paul said...

I love it! I actually like the coloured one too. How about rendering it in a different form - on canvass or as a lino cut or as a t-shirt?

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