Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Face

Happy Face, originally uploaded by zombiecoterie.

See, now this is the kind of thing I'd been hoping to find when I was looking for ulnar decompression scars on google. Hopefully, it'll amuse and reassure anyone else who's having the op to know they will end up with an elbow that looks like a grinning worm.

I may not heal as fast as Wolverine, but I'm taller and better looking, so he can shut his furry little face and throw himself ineffectually at yet another bad guy.

My new graphics tablet arrived on Friday. I'm having so much fun getting used to it. Now I've found a reasonably good pencil equivalent, I'm really happy with what I'm drawing on it, but I'm going to wait a while (I know, me, wait?!) before posting the results online for you all to see. Since then, I've had two final demands for bills and another twenty letters from British Gas asking me to return to them because I'm such a valued customer. Heh. I have so little money it's quite unfunny at the moment.

I've had such a relaxing, social week, though, I can't complain that I'm poor and can't afford anything ever again. After an entire week of lunching and coffee-ing with friends and sketching stuff on my travels, I've continued in the same vein this weekend - Friday night was Pie and Mash, which was the usual maelstrom of people I sort of know online and people I sort of get confused by, both online and in reality. Yesterday, went for another long walk by the Thames with Jonathan and Niall, walking from here to Putney and then falling asleep when I got home.

Then, our neighbour, Sachin, popped around to talk about evolutionary rationales for aliens having super powers, working the Fast Track with the Civil Service and then he ran away before Jonathan and I watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Seems Sachin, once again, had the right idea.

Cazz is coming round for lunch today, then another promenade - I'm hoping we can point out the local sights like the bag lady who lives in a car and the stupidly muscular jogger who runs up and down the high road with a cute ikkle puppy running next to him. They make a very cute pair.

The week ahead is all about getting back to work, catching up on things I've promised people and generally talking business again. Well, if business means drawing cute baby badger pictures, that is.

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